London Mistress Lady Sophia Black
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While I know your arrival here is quite intentional, I must advise you that you stand, virtually, at the threshold of the dominion of an exquisite Milton Keynes Mistress, Lady Sophia Black, a lifestyle Dominatrix and Fetishist.

Within My dominion the arts of Female Dominance are practiced at the highest level, and Female superiority is the natural and governing order. Mine is an enchanted and private world, but do not make the mistake of thinking that this is not reality.

You will find within My world fascinating and spellbinding depictions and descriptions of the pursuits which define Me, including bondage, discipline, sadism, humiliation, fetish and fantasy. This content is very serious, and, while there are no images of sex within My site, this material is suited for consenting adults only.

Lady Sophia Black - Milton Keynes Mistress - offering professional Domination

© Lady Sophia Black 2012

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